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I'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.

J to the ESSIE

27 March

i can be your best friend or your worst enemy,and once i make up my mind i have a hard time changing it.i cant make decisions around guys i like.i only chew mint flavored gum,and hate writing with pencils.i dont drink.i dont smoke.i dont do drugs.i am christian.i go to church.based off that you probably expect me to be some high-strung goody two shoes blonde haired girl preaching to you.im not like that.i am more.i am different.im not the stereotype you think.i like people i can do nothing with,but still have a blast.my underwear is better than yours cause it has pockets.i hate changing sheets,but i love fresh ones.i cant wait to get out of this town,but im secretly afraid i might miss it.i multitask.all the time.i listen to music whenever i can and always when i do something important.if you can spell my name/pronounce it right(last name) you will make me happy.if you cant remember to put the "i" in my name.then just stick with "jess".crappy rap/techno music helps me work harder.whenever i type i always put a period before any other punctuation mark.i center my entries.no one knows this but sometimes when i watch tv i look through the dictionary for neat words.i like to organize my cds.and i rearange them all the time when im bored.i love to travel but hate hotels.i love to pack but once i come back my bag will stay packed for weeks.i love getting mail but when i write letters i am really bad at remembering to send them.my name=Jess/Jessie.i am 16.i always used to be on time.and then i got this journal,maybe its a self fufiling prophecy.cause now im always late.cds that come with lyrics make me smile.i swim and row,as in row row row your boat.but trust me ive heard that song enough.i live near cincinnati ohio.i used to be terrified of scary movies.but someone helped me with that.i have a list of things i want to do before i die.i still sleep with a teddy bear.& im not afraid to admit it.i always stay up too late and wake up too early.sometimes i lay in the middle of the street & stare at the stars.sometimes i love my handwriting.and sometimes i hate it,mostly when i cant read it to study.im inconsistant.im constant.im rational.im loud.im quiet.im lazy.im hardworking.im messy.im a perfectionist.im smart.& such a blonde.i think me/my lj are interesting.but so does everyone else.when i care about something i give it my all.i think motion city soundtrack says it best:"the future freaks me out.".people who talk about themselves in the third person make me want to scream.i am me.& i wont change for you.the end.

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